Fortune Pai Gow

Fortune Pai Gow

Rules of Play

Fortune Pai Gow Progressive at Silver Dollar Renton uses two different colored standard 52-card decks in an iDeal shuffler machine. Each player receives a seven-card hand beginning with the betting position as determined by three dice in a shaker. Betting positions number 1-15 in a counter-clockwise order. Dealer betting positions are 1, 8, and 15.

Take and Pay Rules

Players wishing to participate in the optional progressive bet must place a $1 chip on the corresponding sensor on the table before cards are dealt. Dealers start the game and wagers are locked in. The dealer then collects all $1 wagers and sets them aside.

The player on the far right-hand side of the dealer has his/her hand assessed first. Each hand is either paid, taken, or pushed moving right to left from the player positioned furthest to the right. If a four of a kind or better is played, that hand is made the exception to that rule. Once all bets have been assessed and acted upon, the dealer will place a bonus hand on the table and settle the hand wager. The dealer then provides the correct payout for the bonuses and any envy hands. Bonus wagers are paid first; envy wagers are paid second.

Minimum and Maximum Wagers

Pai Gow Primary —- $5-$300

Fortune Wager —— $1-$200

Pai Gow’d Wager — $1-$200

Progressive Wager – $1

Pay Table – Fortune Bonus                                Envy Bonus

7 Card Straight Flush (No Joker) ——- 8,000:1        $5,000

Royal Flush Ace/King Suited ————- 2,000:1        $1,000

7 Card Straight Flush (w/ Joker) ——– 1,000:1         $500

Five Aces ——————————————– 400:1         $250

Royal Flush —————————————- 150:1          $50

Straight Flush ————————————— 50:1          $20

Four of a Kind ————————————— 25:1          $5

Full House ———————————————- 5:1

Flush —————————————————— 4:1

Three of a Kind ————————————— 3:1

Straight ————————————————– 2:1

Players must wager $5 or more on the fortune bet in order to qualify for the envy bonus. Players win the envy bonus if another player gets a four of a kind or higher.

Side Betting

Silver Dollar Casino prohibits all side betting.