Four Card Prime Progressive

Four Card Prime Progressive

All table game pits can support Four Card Prime Progressive, a four-card game that falls under the poker category, with two additional side bet opportunities. Players will find betting patterns that are familiar, complemented by extra features and fun.

How to Play

First, players will place their ante wager as well as any side bets (optional). They will then be dealt five cards with which to create their best four-card hand of poker. The dealer will draw six cards, with one dealt face-up. The dealer will use these cards to make their best four-card hand as well. Next, players can choose to increase their ante wager up to three times. If the player chooses to fold, their hand will still be used for the determination of any side bet outcomes. The best four-card hand will win the round, with reconciliation of all side bets.

Optional Side Bets

  • Ante wagers win even money, plus a bonus when the player’s hand has trips or better.
  • Aces baby bets will win odds if a player has a pair of aces or better in their hand.
  • Prime bets win the odds when at least four of the cards in a player’s hand are the same color.
  • Bad beat bonus wagers win when the player has a straight or better and loses.