Fortune Pai Gow

This is Pai Gow poker at its finest. With a $5 Progressive wager, it offers HUGE progressive wins that can change your life!

Pai Gow poker uses a 53 card deck with a joker that can be used as an Ace, in a straight, or in a flush. Players and the dealer receive 7 cards that they split into 2 hands; one 5 card hand and one 2 card. Both hands must win or Jose to the dealer's hand in order to affect the wager accordingly.

Players may wager on the Fortune Bonus wager where all 7 of their cards are used and compered to a pay table that pays for hands of 3 of a kind or higher. The Pai Gow'd wager is also an option and wins when the dealer's hand is Pai Gow (No pair or higher in all 7 cards).

Progressive wager wins with the player receiving a full house or better.

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